Greetings all. 

So I’m a British trans guy in my late 20s. I’m also kind of paleo/primal. Along with having GID (Gender Identity Disorder) I also suffer from depression and anxiety. 


My take on paleo/primal is that I try to base my food choices around Real Food. That is, I mainly eat food that is close to natural without consuming grains, legumes or too much sugar. I try and avoid highly processed food such as  vegetable oils. It also means trying to achieve enough rest and sleep, and getting in some movement/exercise. 

Going paleo hasn’t fixed my depression/anxiety. I would love to say that it has, because I know it’s helped others, but it hasn’t done much to help me. Making the change from living as female to living as male helped, as has starting hormone treatment. Changing how I live meant I could be on a relatively low dose anti-depressant. Starting hormone treatment meant I could come completely off them. I still suffer though, although I’m hoping that greater hormone-induced changes will help PLUS chest surgery. In case you’re unaware, that means surgery to remove my breasts and give me a more male-typical chest. I will no longer have to suffer from binding, and will be able to go swimming, use communal changing rooms or even just go topless in public when it’s hot like it is now. 

Knowing that stuff like stress has a negative impact on the body storing fat, and with the changes my body is going through, I’m not worrying about trying to lose weight or fat. I have in my head a heirarchy of things; most fundamental/important is getting my stress levels managed. This means getting enough sleep and relaxation. I can not make good food choices when I’m stressed and feeling low. I do get times where I do not care about my body so I do not care about putting rubbish food in my mouth or too much food. So I have to be in a somewhat happy place before I can make good food choices. If I can be somewhat happy and making mostly good food choices when generally I feel good enough to make good movement choices. I never stop exercising because I also fit walking into my day. Good movement choices include going for longer walks, moving more, and lifting heavy stuff/working out. Sometimes I manage to mostly make good choices and feel good for doing so, but not as much as I would like. In transitioning genderwise and lifestyle I hope to make good choices the majority of the time. Once I’m there I will seek to fine tune things by doing things like fast five. 

Ultimately once my medical treatment is done I want to be able to enjoy my body, so I can enjoy my life. I want to be able to fit and well and active enough that even if I have to work until I’m 70 (to claim my pension) I will still be able to enjoy my retirement. I don’t want to slowly decline into death. I’m starting with a body that hasn’t been doing me many favours and becoming myself; a man who eats and moves and lives as my genes expected me to do.